“What is wonderful about music is that it helps man to concentrate or meditate independently of thought. Therefore music seems to be the bridge over the gulf between the form and the formless.
“If there is anything intelligent, effective, and at the same time formless, it is music. Poetry suggests form, line and color suggests form, but music suggests no form.”
“Music also produces that resonance which vibrates through the whole being. It lifts thought above the denseness of matter; it almost turns matter into spirit, into its original condition, through the harmony of vibrations touching every atom of one’s whole being…”
“Music touches our innermost being, and in that way produces new life, a life that gives exaltation to the whole being, raising it to that perfection in which lies the fulfillment of man’s life.”
~Hazrat Inayat Khan from The Mysticism of Sound and Music 
I love that music is the bridge between form and the formless, between matter and spirit.  The whole universe is vibration and sound is the means to open the portal!
Allow yourself to dissolve into the realms of sound and be moved to the core, then feel the joy and expansion of awakening the remembrance of our connection to source!
Infinite blessings~