Here is brother Kaypacha once again with the astrological guidance for the week…
“In order to move forward,
I need to take a step back,
And clean up all my karma,
So I can get on track.”
He says:
“Venus retrograde, Jupiter retrograde, Saturn going next week, then Mercury and Pluto…. whew!
“Let’s look in that rear view mirror once in awhile just to see what we are leaving behind! Is it a mess? See anybody shaking their fists? Wounded? Let down? Crushed? Abandoned?
“Retrogrades offer us time to reflect, remember, release, and repair and when it’s Venus we have some heart repair to do (ours and others).
“Make no mistake, these are some of the most intense days/weeks we’ve had in a long time! Pluto is evolution THROUGH intensity and Jupiter square it most of the year, but exact Thursday, brings more…”
In the report he says the following key points:
“This is an inner process that we really need to see and look at our own stuff…
“This is a time for radical self-honesty…”
“Throwing all of our stuff up on the board, and looking at it…This is a time where I get to be wrong about … I get to be wrong about what I said last week, I get to be wrong about what I have felt for years, I get to be wrong about what I told you two months ago, or when I married you, or when I left you…I get to be wrong about these things. 
“Accepting. Ok? This is the only way we can defragment that disc and let go, of these old illusions…
“I said this is the end of illusion. This year. And this month of April is really pivotal in this time period…This is the time to let go…
“Otherwise, we will create, and this is the other thing that can happen, other people challenging us. Other people calling us liars, other people calling us wrong, other people challenging what we said, who we are, what we stand for…all these ancient old patterns that are coming up from lifetimes and relationships from past lifetimes…it is really calling us. Calling us out. Are you really in your truth?
“And this is really a call us to know ourselves.”
“…This is also a time of harvesting what we have sown, the seeds we have sown and not only what we have sown the seeds but that we’ve cultivated. We’ve pulled the weeds, we’ve watered…this is a time of harvesting what we have sown or what we have not sown and what we have not cultivated. This is the karmic aspect. Yeah? Every action gets and equal and opposite reaction…We reap what we sow.”


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